The EMC Approach

Each situation is unique and deserves an approach tailored to the parties and the facts. EMC customizes the problem-solving process to meet the needs of the parties, often using these key steps.


We want to know what’s important to you and why. We learn about the history of the problem to understand the context, and talk with you before any meeting to understand the issue from your perspective.


After talking with the parties, we think about what questions may arise during the mediation. This assists the parties at the table to provide answers and make decisions.


Often, poor communication is a big part of the problem. We offer suggestions and coaching so parties can hear and understand each other.


We help parties expand their vision and see the problem from a different perspective. We bring a fresh approach to help parties think creatively and develop multiple options to resolve the problem.


Sometimes parties can’t agree on which option is most appealing because they disagree about critical facts. We assist parties to develop a common understanding of important facts. Once the parties agree on the facts and identify options, we focus the conversation to explore and evaluate possible solutions.